Sunrise Business Profile

Sunrise Agriland Development and Research Private Limited is a leading Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Service Provider, and Distributor in organic food and products. The company made its humble beginning in 2007 with a goal to provide people with a healthier life through producing and manufacturing 100% organic and herbal personal care and food products. Since 2007, Sunrise has expanded its distributorship and dealership channels throughout the country as well as in the international market. The company has expanded its competency to deal with various regulatory matters by exporting above 80% of total production. Over the years, Sunrise has made a rapid growth in the manufacturing and supply of different organic products. The companys brand has been placed among the reputed organizations in terms of fairness and transparency in providing commodities as well as business dealings. The company has been successful in offering high quality and chemical free products to the customers in order to fulfill their needs and wants. The deployment of modernized equipments and large production capacity has supported the business growth while full utilization of experienced agriculturalists and ethical business practices has enlarged the distribution network.

Sunrise Company offers natural organic products to its customers through processing and semi-processing without compromising the product quality and natural ingredients. The expert team is committed to deliver quality assurance to its clients by adopting effective techniques in Research & Development and Production. The focus of the Sunrise team is on quality control, marketing, sales, processing, and Extension with an objective to bring prosperity to the agriculturists at local as well as international level. Sunrise meets out its standards which are confirmed by the Independent audits. Seed and fertilizer testing are the common processes which each raw material of the company passes through and company has its own labs, microbiologists and Botanists who check whether there is any chemical involved in the final products. Also, the products pass from various tastings before packaging, and before supplying to the ultimate customers. Apart from this, the company ensures safe and efficient delivery of goods and services to its customers.

Sunrise also works in collaboration with Hahnemann Charitable Mission Society which was created by a German Physician in 1843. Sunrise supports the activities of HCMS in providing a range of locally and socially based services to support peoples health and farmers lives. HCMS offers training to a number of farmers on how to cultivate organically and how to earn money out of this developing agro based production.


The vision of the Sunrise is to become a key solution provider of preference.


The mission of the company is to provide effective products, services and solutions associated with the agriculture land development.

Beliefs and Values:

Sunrise strongly believes in delivering best products without compromising the quality. The values of the organization emphasize on respecting the individuals and performing honestly.

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