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Since after the Green Revolution (1966-67), the scenario of Indian agriculture has been changed a lot from traditional farming to commercial and modern farming. The modern farming techniques involve use of chemicals and synthetically modified pesticides and fertilisers. It has been the major reason behind unhealthy lifestyle of people and their increased diseases. Also, this commercial farming has made the lives of farmers very tough due to their increased debt from creditors. The farmers, who are known as the Food Provider or Annadata, faced the worse conditions. Moreover, the modern farming has also created negative impacts on the environment such as soil erosion, habitat loss and waste of water, which also contributed to the peoples bad health.

Sunrise Agriland has its headquarters in Sitapura, Jaipur, and has been successful in expanding its business in some parts of India and overseas since its establishment. Now, it is planning to create awareness about its products all over India starting from Rajasthan. It aims to open around 200 stores in Rajasthan in the coming one year. Sunrise provides farmers premium rates by purchasing their produce and helps in improving their standard of living. Also, the company exports Jatropha crude oil of around 500 MT every month. Over the years, Sunrise has also become the biggest supplier of the Stevia dry leaves, powder and liquid along with Aloevera leaves, Jatropha seeds. Moreover, Sunrise Agriland also has advanced and efficient nurseries from where it supplies best quality agricultural materials.

Having the idea of delivering unique and effective services for the clients as well as customers in mind, the team of Sunrise Agriland makes every effort to make Healthy & Organic India. For this purpose, Sunrise promotes traditional farming methods to grow food and natural processing to retain their natural qualities. The company is in the business of the trading or the agriculture commodity like grain, pulsed, cereals. The company also provides the solution of post harvest technology, supply chain management, storage, and warehouse and godown facility.  

For the last 5 years, Sunrise did a number of awareness & promotional programmes for dairy development all over Rajasthan. It enhanced milk production in the numbers of district of Rajasthan through providing milk enhancing inputs, cattle induction, breed improvement, introducing better cattle management practices and through providing vital marketing link direct from the doorstep of the producers. The organic agriculture network of the HCMS initiated in the year 2003, after the first ever Organic Agriculture workshop held in Lalpura, Bassi of 2 days duration.

Since 2007, Sunrise has expanded its distributorship and dealership channels throughout the country as well as in the international market. The company has expanded its competency to deal with various regulatory matters by exporting above 80% of total production. Over the years, Sunrise has made a rapid growth in the manufacturing and supply of different organic products. The companys brand has been placed among the reputed organizations in terms of fairness and transparency in providing commodities as well as business dealings. The company has been successful in offering high quality and chemical free products to the customers in order to fulfill their needs and wants. The deployment of modernized equipments and large production capacity has supported the business growth while full utilization of experienced agriculturalists and ethical business practices has enlarged the distribution network.

Sunrise has been successful in establishing a broad and reliable client base by delivering excellent quality products with efficient delivery. By satisfying the clients in terms of price and agricultural solutions, the company has won their confidence and trust to work with them in the long run. In the recent years, the company has also attracted new clients with its great agriculture knowledge and skills in order to gain competitive advantage in the market. The annual turnover of Sunrise is 81 crores and it exports its 80% of products overseas while 20% are sold within the domestic area. Moreover, around 20,000 pieces of the total products produced by the company are sold each day.

Over the years, Sunrise benefited 2000 of grower all over INDIA by promoting medicinal & aromatic farming. Also, about 200 acres of land has been developed as medicinal plants estate. Seeds and seedlings has been successfully distributed to 1000 growers by the society in Bassi Phagi, Jaipur; Organic manure from plant in addition available to them without any costs. Training programmes have been organized for the benefit for farmers, individual & agricultural officers. Further, Sunrise has been successful in taking on the project of 50 acres of land cultivation with organic farming in the year-end 2009-2010. In November 2007, HCMS organized a short-term skill development-training programme for livelihoods under Rajasthan Mission on Livelihoods. This 30 day OJT was conducted in Jaipur under the guidance/vigilance of Mr. Atul Gupta, Secretary of HCMS, Jaipur. It commenced on 25/11/07 and completed on 24/12/07.

By reaching out to 1, 00,000 beneficiaries through entering into rural & agriculture development, Sunrise has emerged as a truly National Developmental agency with the help of state & central Government Research & Development. Various training and welfare programmes are organized by the company which enrich the lives of the poor and the underprivileged. The company has also established Agriculture institutes & college in rural areas, Ayurved institute& college in Rajasthan, Research & development in field of medicinal, horticulture, Jatropha & organic farming.

This successful business journey of Sunrise Agriland till now, has paved way for the emergence of sustainable agricultural with rural development & environmental livelihood comprehensive consultancies for satisfying the present needs and future challenges of INDIA.

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