Herbal Juices
This array of herbal juices is reckoned for its immense health benefits. Free from additives and preservatives, these juices are accessible in syrup form. We offer these products at reasonable price.
Health Supplements
Health Supplements offered by us are reckoned for their immense health benefits. Produced from natural ingredients, these have standard shelf life. These have been processed under controlled environment. We offer these items at competitive price.
Herbs & Herbal Powder
This range of Herbs & Herbs Powder is obtained from barks, roots, seeds, leaves and fruits of various plants. This range of powder has numerous health benefits. Customers can avail this array of products at competitive price from us.
Herbal Tea
This array of Herbal Tea has been produced from the leaves of selected medicinal plants. Loaded with nutrients, these have immense health benefits. Energy boosting properties and anti oxidant enriched content are their main aspects.
Natural Essential Oils
This array of Essential oils is reckoned for its distinctive aroma. These oils are used to formulate personal care, cosmetics and herbal medicinal products. Thse are free from artificial colors and preservatives.
Herbal Soaps
Herbal Soaps offered by us are reckoned for their pure content and skin nourishing formula. Produced from the extracts of natural ingredients, these are of hypoallergenic quality. We offer these soaps at reasonable price.
Natural Gulkand
Gulkand offered by us is reckoned for its standard quality. This product range has been produced from various fruits, chocolates and spices like saffron and cardamom. We offer these items at reasonable price.
Indian Medicinal Herbs & Seeds
Indian Medicinal Herbs & Seeds offered by us are reckoned for their premium quality. These are used as suitable ingredients in cosmetics, personal care items and herbal medicines. This product range is cost effective.
Natural Herbs & Leaves
Natural Herbs & leaves offered by us are reckoned for their numerous health benefits. Obtained from selected medicinal plants, these herbal products have long shelf life. We offer these items at reasonable price.
Farm Fertilizers & Pesticides
Farm Fertilizers & Pesticides offered by us have been produced from decomposed microorganisms, animal excreta and dry leaves and fruits. These products are reckoned for their soil nourishing attributes. These have been produced under controlled temperature.
This array of candies has been produced from the extracts of ginger and Indian gooseberry. These taste sour and sweet. High nutritional value, reasonable price and standard packaging are their main aspects.

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