Our Certified Cultivations

Sunrise Agriland Development & Research Pvt. Ltd is currently cultivating around 50,000 acres. The company uses high-tech ultra-modern facility for manufacturing products for domestic as well as overseas market. Sunrise is a prominent third party manufacturer across northern India, having first class manufacturing facilities and contributes towards working collaboratively with its clients. The company has produces various organic goods on a large scale, such as Organic Herbal Juices, Organic Candies, Organic Powders (Amla/Wheat Grass), Stevia Products, Organic Tea & Coffee Products, Herbal Cosmetic Products, Grocery Items, which are certified from various national and international authorities.

For instance, the cultivation of Stevia is carried out by Sunrise farmers using traditional and organic methods. It is processed for the ultimate customers in the most natural and unrefined state. The leaves are dried and crushed naturally in their ideal environment and put through chemical free extraction procedures for retaining its sweetness and nature's goodness in the final products. The entire processing is strictly inspected by the food inspector and then supplied in the market

Another important certified cultivation by Sunrise is Aloevera Cultivation. It is a medicinal plant used in various healthcare medicines and beauty products. Sunrise farmers ensure that the soil used for growing it is enriched in organic substances to maintain its fertility and fast draining capacity. Aloe Vera is cultivated using organic methods to keep its medicinal properties as they are. After getting certified by ISO and other relevant organizations, Sunrise has set up five Aloe vera processing unit under consultancy.

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