Corporate Social Responsibility Program - CSR

Sunrise CSR vision is to make 'Healthy and Organic India' by ensuring sustainable development across the society through provision of herbal and organic products. The company makes every attempt to become a socially accountable corporate citizen by contributing significantly in the improvement of peoples quality lives. The products manufactured and supplied by the company are unique and aim to support personal health while promoting clean and safe environment. The raw materials used by the farmers are extracted using guaranteed organic agriculture methods. These methods do not pollute the environment and help in restoring the biodiversity.

Moreover, the CSR policies support the livelihood of local farmers and organic movements. By using organic farming practices, Sunrise contributes in conservation of resources for the next generation while preserving land fertility and quality. The Company also values its workers and motivates them to work ethically so as to enhance their personal as well as professional development.

In addition to this, Sunrise farmers and labors are well-trained and experienced in biodynamic and organic farming techniques. The company is always sincere and regular in paying the charges related with purchasing the relevant organic certifications for them. The farmers also allowed growing crops on their own land to promote Organic India. The families of these farmers are supported by Sunrise through a sustainable income source. All the activities and products of the company lie within the necessary domestic as well as international laws of organic standards. By restoring and maintaining the natural beauty and promoting traditional agriculture, Sunrise fulfills its corporate social responsibilities and provides a healthy lifestyle to everyone.

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