Publication - Main Hun Kisan

'Main Hun Kisan' is a publication which contains agriculture related information and awareness about organic food and products. It was introduced in 2015 and became a popular magazine all over India. This magazine includes the progressive steps made by Sunrise Agriland in the field of organic farming along with its scope, relevance, problems as well as solution. It also covers all national and international events organized or participated by Sunrise, such as seminar and training programs for farmers.

'Main Hun Kisan' aims to promote organic agriculture activities and produce across India so as to provide people a healthy lifestyle and support farmers' livelihood through huge income generation. By promoting Sunrise products, this magazine fulfils its purpose of keeping up the spirit of organic agriculture, connecting various regions and support agriculture produce.  It encourages the youngsters to adopt farming with the main focus on organic methods so as to improve the health of people.

This magazine is published monthly in English-Hindi. Presently, it has become one of the effective platforms to deliver useful information on agriculture and health throughout India.

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