Organic Fertilizers and Pesticides

In the present time, the farmers are using chemical based fertilizers and pesticides to increase the crop from their land. These chemical based fertilizers and pesticides are harmful for the land and human health. In this concern, Organic Sunrise Natural is introducing to nations farmers about organic fertilizers and pesticides that are known as elixir for crop through which the fertility of soil can be maintained for long time and healthy food products can be grown.

The term organic means naturally occurring substances that are not altered. The organic fertilizers such as verm-compost de-compost and super compost are contained with phosphorus, nitrogen and potash that are beneficial for the crop and helpful in maintaining soil fertility in natural way. Additionally, the organic pesticides include neem oil, thyme oil and sesame oils that are naturally helpful in protecting the crops from diseases.

Organic Sunrise Natural also organizes monthly training programs for the farmers to generate awareness about the use of organic fertilizers and pesticides. In this training program, the farmers are taught about the making process of organic fertilizers and pesticides to boos the organic farming.

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