Herbal Cosmetics

This range of herbal Cosmetics is perfect for those who always look for quality  while purchasing hair and skin care products. This product range is the nice option to experience numerous benefits of neem, aloe vera, rose water, sandal wood and cucumber. Available in gel, shampoo, cream and face wash forms, these herbal Cosmetics are reckoned for their pure composition, unique hair and skin nourishing content, standard packaging and reasonable price. These are effective in strengthening hair root and in nourishing skin by penetrating deep into it. Quality of these products has been checked on the basis of their shelf life, composition and herbal attributes.
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Rose Water

Price: 195 INR/Liter

Rose water is a liquid made from water and rose petals. It is used as a perfume due to its sweet scent, but it has medicinal and culinary values, as well.

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Aloevera Rose Gel

Price: 250 INR/Kilograms

Toning the skin after cleansing and before moisturizing is an important part of everyday life. It is highly recommended to tone the skin to keep it healthy and glowing. Toning helps in tightening of the pores. Here we will tell you about the best skin, soothing and calming toner that will make your skin toned, soft, healthy and glowing. We will also tell you about the simple and easy steps to make this superb and cool skin toner at home. We are talking about the Rose Aloe Vera Toner which is an excellent skin toner. The extraordinary qualities of aloe vera and rose water are well known to everybody.

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Aloevera Sandal Gel

Price: 250 INR/Kilograms

Aloe vera keeps your skin soft, hydrated and fresh while Chandan/Sandal with its natural benefit makes skin glow with regular use and keeps Pimples away.

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Strawberry Aloevera Face Wash

Price: 225 INR/Kilograms

Aloe vera is a succulent plant species of the genus Aloe. An evergreen perennial, it originates from the Arabian Peninsula, but grows wild in tropical, semi-tropical, and arid climates around the world. It is cultivated for agricultural and medicinal uses.

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Neem Aloevera Face Wash

Price: 230 INR/Kilograms

Jovees Natural Neem Face wash has therapeutic properties of neem and different herbs that are very beneficial against pimples. It battles the skin inflammation for the oily to combination skin. This face wash evacuates pollution, dead cells and helps in lightening the complexion.

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Herbal Natural Hair Cleanser Shampoo

Price: 500 INR/Liter

Organic sunrise Natural HAIR CLEANSER Nourishes hair shaft and roots. Cleanses hair and scalp. Removes dandruff, stops hair loss. Makes hair healthy from roots and shiny.

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Aloevera Cucumber Cream

Price: 500 INR/Kilograms

There are loads of cucumber and Aloe Vera face masks on the market which claim to refresh, calm, and cool skin, especially the oily and acne-prone kind which significantly worsen in summer.

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Aloevera Cucumber Gel

Price: 260 INR/Kilograms

If your skin breaks out in the heat, or gets excessively greasy in the summer, this mask is ideal. Not only that, if you have acne or irritated skin, its good for that too. So, all those with oily skin, acne-prone or otherwise, will benefit from using this.

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Price: 200 INR/Number
  • Quality:Smooth Texture, Safe To Use, Standard Quality
  • Skin Type:Normal
  • Use:Face, Lips, Body, Hair

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