Herbal Soaps

This range of Herbal Soaps is perfect option to get youthful glowing skin instantly. Formulated from the extracts of natural ingredients like aloe vera, sandalwood, lavender, neem and basil, this array of bathing bars is reckoned for its immense health benefits. Herbal Soaps offered by us maintain ph balance of skin, effectively unclogs skin pores and remove excess oil from skin. Suitable for all skin types, these aromatic soaps are appreciated for their skin nourishing content. Standard of such soaps has been checked on the basis of their content, lather forming attributes, skin beneficial value and packaging type. This product range is cost effective.
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Aloevera Sandal Soap

Price: 30 INR/Piece

SandalSoap is such a nice product for the body , it helps to glow your skin , it gives a glowing skin and it is suitable for all the types of skin . it is fully made by herbal raw products so it is very good product for the people who want to use organic products .

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Aloevera Lavender Soap

Price: 20 INR/Piece

This Aloe vera soap is fully natural soap which shall maintain the moisture and pH level of the skin making it healthier. I have used all the natural ingredient in making the aloe vera soap,like aloe vera gel and other items

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Aloevera Natural Soap Bar

Price: 20 INR/Piece

Aloe Vera Soap Prevents Signs Of Aging, Reduces Acne & Helps Lighten Blemishes, Reduces Stretch Marks, Sunburns & Reduces Tan Maintains Moisture Balance. ... Aloevera soap Is A Natural Way Of Rejuvenating And Keeping Your Skin Soft And Beautiful.

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Aloevera Cream Soft Soap

Price: 20 INR/Piece

aloe Vera and cream both are good for the skin and also for the face so we have made this herbal soap from herbal products

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Aloevera Neem Tulsi Soap

Price: 20 INR/Piece

Neem and Aloe Vera both are good for the skin and neem has huge medicinal properties and aloe Vera is anti oxidant so both are very useful for skin care . Thus , aloevera neem soap provide provides such a excellent benefits


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